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Best PS4 Headsets Online

Best PS4 Headsets Online

Everyone wants to get the most out of their time gaming. For some of us it’s our only real escape from work or other responsibilities so we want to make sure that we spend our time having the best experience possible.

We take a lot of care in the finer details like the screen we use and even sometimes using specialised controllers. Now it’s time to get the best audio to match, this is where a headset comes in.

A great headset can make your gaming really immersive and let you get involved. It’s the best way to enjoy the sounds while you explore worlds and control your character. For multiplayer these headsets are perfect because they’re fitting with a mic. This means you can communicate and coordinate perfectly making gaming way more fun.

Choosing your PS4 Headset

Black ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset MixAmp™ Pro TRThere’s a couple of factors you should consider when exploring your options for PS4 headsets. The first thing of course is finding the right brand to use. Not all headsets are compatible with the PS4 so you’ll need to focus on the ones which are. Popular brands include:

  • Turtle Beach
  • HyperX
  • PlayStation
  • VersionTech

Alongside these there are a number of other specific models made by other brands which can be used with the PS4.

Once you’ve found a compatible brand that will work with your setup you need to consider the quality of the headset. You’ll want a premium quality that is crisp and clear and doesn’t dip. Having full control of the audio makes a big difference so you can balance the ratios yourself.

Alongside the audio you’ll want a reliable microphone. Without a good piece of kit you won’t be able to communicate with your friends and one sided conversation is a lot less fun.

Comfort is another element to consider. There are a lot of very comfortable headsets available for PS4 and you’ll have to decide what suits you best. We’d recommend finding a memory foam cushioned headset as these will literally mold to your ears, you don’t want to take them off.

Price is always something you have to consider. With headsets and other technology you’ll find you can spend whatever you have very easily. It’s important to set a budget before hand and find the headset that fits to it. There are bargains available for every price range and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

The Best PS4 Headsets Online

There are a number of contenders for best PS4 headsets and a number of very impressive models. Ultimately we went with the Astro Gaming A40 TR. It has impressive sound quality and is customisable to fit the needs of the user. It’s also built solidly and made to last. This means it won’t break after a few uses and you know you’ve spent your money on a long term investment.

Finding the best headset is about finding some value. Check out the range of PS4 headsets under $100.

Zombie Guides for Black Ops 3

Zombie Guides for Black Ops 3

Black Ops games are some of the highest rated in the world. They do so well because they’re designed to be playable, fun and even include some great storylines. Black Ops 3 is no different and Treyarch have succeeded in making another brilliant FPS.

Black Ops is a shooting game first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean there’s no plot. You’ll deal with interesting characters in well thought out plots during campaign mode and then get down to it with your friends in multiplayer.

With cool secrets to unlock and loads of different levels you’ll find that Black Ops 3 is certainly living up to the hype.

Zombies Mode

Mid-day snack for a ravenous walking corpse in Black Ops 3One of the most popular features in Black Ops games is the zombie mode and Black Ops 3 brings you the next installment in the zombie shooting game franchise. It’s regarded as the best way to play by many with some great characters and interesting story lines to keep you hooked.

The zombie mode is really enjoyable to play solo or multiplayer. Co-op can be pretty enjoyable if you both get a kick out of fighting for your life. The multiplayer feature has been well developed so you won’t get in each other’s way at all.

Part of the charm of Black Ops zombies is the scary side. The zombies are pretty frightening and if you’re not good with scary movies then you’ll find this a challenge, you might want to keep the lights on. There are loads of jumps and as the pressure mounts you might find yourself in need of a break to escape the tension.

Zombie mode is also extremely tough, especially in the later stages. It’s not just about being a fast trigger man, you have to plan and go in with a gameplan. Strategy is the key to surviving and conquering the game.

Zombie Guides

This is where zombie guides come in. These guides have been specially developed to guide you through the difficult zombie levels of Black Ops. It’s essential to start working on a strategy for you, and/or your friends, to do well.

These guides contain everything you need to know including maps and walkthroughs which will let you know what to expect. There are even how to guides for the difficult bits which include a lot of detail.

One of the most useful features of these zombie guides is the secrets that can be found and unlocked. These easter eggs are hidden perks in the game which will give you access to lore and background of the zombie storyline.

Of course no guide will ever give you as much insight as getting some experience playing but if you want to make the learning curve less steep then check out all the info on beating Black Ops 3 zombies.