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The Nature of SEO

seo for your local businessSEO, or “Search Engine Optimization,” is a growing marketing and Web development field. It is designed to boost your Website’s placement in common search engine results for its industry, field, or subject of choice. There are a number of strategies employed in the field of SEO analysis, an increasingly well-paying occupation for which there is, as yet, little to no formal education; job postings for SEO-related positions involve qualifications such as existing experience, general internet and Cloud-related savvy, and familiarity with other forms of Web-based and social media marketing.

This is one reason why SEO is pivotal for a small, locally-based business: with no formal training or official instruction manual for how to go about providing optimization services, a small company can accomplish just as much with SEO as a large, multinational firm. This is important; not only is the digital percentage of the international economy increasing, but the rate at which it is increasing is itself on the rise. We live in the midst of a digital technological revolution, following in the footsteps of the great industrial revolutions of the last three centuries. More and more of those services which individual people and other business alike take advantage of, on a day-to-day basis, may be found online—in which case, it doesn’t matter if the provider is based in San Diego, South Carolina, or Singapore. The practical edge of the virtue of “being local” is shrinking, and will continue to shrink. With SEO, you have a relatively recently derived tool at your disposal… one that will work for you over time, and allow you to compete on the same level as any other business—regardless of their available resources (or yours).

Long-term Viability

Put succinctly, SEO does more than optimize your Website, ensuring that more people who are looking for your services will land on it. Employed over time, with a continuing analysis of relevant keywords and customer habits, the rate at which SEO optimization increases landings will in and of itself go up. You will reach a much greater portion of the market that exists for your services, and your retention rate will likewise see marked improvement. Some estimates place the average rate of overall business growth for businesses with an optimized online presence at 40% higher than those among their peers who have yet to take advantage of SEO and its related box of tools and strategies. By drawing in people who are already looking for exactly what you offer, you inherently provide a boost to your own brand recognition.

Other forms of online advertisement are comparable to cold calling, but SEO is like an automated, passive “call back” to someone who’s already expressed interest in what you have on offer.

Keeping It Together

Finally, SEO provides you with the opportunity to keep your business running in sync with itself. As you steadily build a base of loyal customers looking for exactly what you have to offer them, you can take advantage of this and use such tried-and-true strategies as periodic newsletters, keeping your customers up to speed on any news and information related to changes or updates in your services.  

With SEO optimization working for you, bringing in targeted business from all corners of the internet, every previous method of retaining customers and advertising your service will experience a dramatic boost to its effectiveness.