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bed bugs on mattressEveryone has heard stories about people who just could not get rid of bed bugs once they found them in their home. These are the kinds of stories that have homeowners carefully checking their homes for pests and getting upset whenever they notice bites on their feet or legs when they wake up in the morning.

The average person may not even have to see a bed bug or one of its eggs to start losing their composure and taking drastic measures to get rid of the pests. Some of them take a scorched earth approach to the situation and get rid of everything that bed bugs may be occupying, like their couch, bed and carpets. Bed bugs tend to hide someplace dark and soft, so anything with fabric is a potential nesting spot. They are so small that they can be hard to see with the naked eye, and their eggs are even smaller. During the day, they can be almost impossible to find.

Since many people can’t find them directly, they just toss out anything the insects might have infested, but others take a more measured approach. They spray down their home, wash everything they can in boiling hot water and dig out the evidence of bed bugs. Unfortunately, neither one of these methods is entirely foolproof. There may still be bed bugs hiding about the house, just waiting to appear once the fuss has died down. They can wait out the searches easily, as they can survive for over a year without food, in some cases.

The best approach is to call in the experts, and pest control in Greenville, SC has the solution to the bed bug problem. Only the professionals know exactly where to look for bed bugs and have the tools and training to effectively eliminate them. Throwing items out and washing everything in hot water can kill most the bed bugs, but it may not get all their eggs or the bugs that are scattered around in various locations.

That’s why services such as Pest Control Services in Greenville SC by Commander Pest Solutions are so valuable. They can provide in-depth pest control that the average homeowner could is not capable of pulling off on their own. While the bed bugs could return eventually, even when pest control experts get in there and do their job, there is a much greater chance that they will be successful than the average homeowner at eliminating the bed bugs.