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find a look that says you support good thingsThe modern sweatshirt gained popularity when various national armies began using them as a way to keep recruits in training warm while they went through the equivalent of basic training. The same qualities that attracted the Army to buy sweatshirts in bulk are still present in today’s product. There are basically three types of sweatshirts, primarily worn by men, that will block out the dampness and wind and do a good job of keeping someone warm. You’ll find that most sweatshirts, whether they be simple pullovers or hoodies, use two basic fabric types or combinations. The first is a layered cotton, often represented as 100% cotton on the label. The second is a cotton polyester blend that will is cheaper to manufacture but still maintains a lot of the breathability that cotton is known for. And speaking of warmth. While you want the comfort of a sweatshirt on a cold day, if you doing any athletic activity, keeping it lightweight is super important for avoiding unnecessary perspiration.

For sure, the product category benefits from an incredible array of versatility in what you can buy. And they are everywhere! There’s a massive selection on Amazon, at department stores and you can find custom hoodies in India  and in lots of places too. It can be a little tricky shopping for sweatshirts and hoodies online. You’ll have to pay attention to reviews to see if both the quality and the trueness to sizing are there. Not all manufacturers are as diligent about where they source their fabrics from, or how consistent they are with sizing. Let’s talk about the three primary varieties of sweatshirts that are available.

Types of Men’s Sweatshirts
While the perception is that hoodies are the only type of men’s sweatshirt, the fact remains that men have three primary types of sweatshirts to consider before they move on to other sweatshirt buying criteria. Each type is celebrated for certain characteristics that can make a big difference in how you wear it.

The Pullover
Pullover sweatshirts are typically sold as separate articles of clothing. As the name indicates, this type of sweatshirt is pulled over the head and might or might not have a hood. These are also made with either cotton or cotton polyester blends, and are seen at most athletic events, worn by both participants and spectators alike. Manufacturers typically construct pullover sweatshirts with thick, heavy cotton or cotton-polyester blends. And because they can be made with a variety of either embroidered or screenprinted decals, they allow the wearer to express themselves. Many will promote sports teams, hobbies, or even important beliefs. Pullovers are also a favorite for those who like outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing. As we said earlier, while you want a sweatshirt to be warm, it should also have strong breathability qualities.

The Athletic Sweatshirt
These are designed to be lightweight, often synthetic materials are used, and there particularly useful in humid or windy climates. Unlike the pullover, these are often part of a suit that includes athletic pants, and can be used for everything from casual activity to endurance events like biking or running. Gym rats also love the feel of athletic sweatshirts because they are light at a time when perspiration is building. Extra features that are popular with athletic sweatshirts include pockets, zippers etc. Many manufacturers of this type of athletic gear boldly displayed their logos. Firms such as Nike, for example, fetch a premium dollar for selling athletic wear that is heavily branded.

The Hoodie
The hoodie has all the after mentioned benefits of the pullover, but adds a hood for a variety of benefits. These are great when working out in frigid climates, because the hood can be pulled over the head for warmth and protection from elements like wind and rain. With an adjustable drawstring, you can pull the hood tight around your face for even more protection. You still want the hoodie to be breathable, and so cotton will always be popular. It provides warmth, but helps to alleviate the problem associated with sweating. A lot of hoodies have a fleece lining for enhanced warmth. Some even have removable liners so that you can adjust depending on what weather conditions you face. The popularity has grown considerably, and there are constantly evolving styles in the hoodie market. What was once primarily a closing favorite among men, has now become popular among women two. It gives you the perfect opportunity to be comfortable while promoting your favorite sports team or interest.